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Presenters and Decorators: A Code Tour

I gave a session titled "Presenters and Decorators: A Code Tour" at RailsConf 2012. The Presenter and Decorator patterns are very useful approaches to keeping your Rails apps clean. I wanted to talk about presenters for a couple of reasons. First, I think we don't talk about the View layer in our Model-View-Controller apps as much as we should. And second, I think that although "Presenters" have been around for 5+ years, we continue to misunderstand them.

On my list of career goals is to speak at RubyConf and RailsConf. I spoke at RubyConf in 2010, and this year I completed the second half of my goal. I can't thank the good folks at Ruby Central enough for giving me the chance to speak, and for partnering with Confreaks to record it and make it freely available.