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Polymorphic Podcast on Object Thinking

Craig Shoemaker of the Polymorphic Podcast has just posted part one of his interview with author Dr. David West about his book Object Thinking. Craig contacted me a few months ago about my review of Object Thinking and asked if I had any questions for Dr. West. Boy do I.

Here is the list of questions I sent Craig:

  • What is formalist thinking and why is it bad? It seems like such a good fit when dealing with computers.
  • Why is OOP/object thinking so hard to get right? Besides making everyone read your book, how can help change a formalist culture to object thinking? Not just an individual's understanding, but the culture as a whole - like a corporate IT culture.
  • Where are the future object thinkers coming from today? Methodology? (Agile? XP?) Languages? (Ruby? Python?)
  • Are programming languages important? Where are we in regards to object-oriented languages? What is missing? Where do future languages need to go? Is formalist thinking reflected in language design? (I believe so.) What are the best examples of hermeneutic languages?
  • How did you end up with Microsoft Press as a publisher? The book was Microsoft-agnostic, and it seemed like a strange fit to me.
  • (Unsure about this question) Was the book successful? How was it received?
  • What is Dr. West doing now? Teaching? Research? Slinging code?
  • Does he have a blog? If not, why not?!? Seriously, he needs a blog! He is depriving the work of much needed object thinking by not having a blog.

Get the podcast here!